Saturday, June 27, 2015

Uh...One year later?

So obviously i haven't been very good at keeping up on my blog. No surprise! A lot has happened in that year and I'm sad i didn't keep up with all of our craziness.

Well it looks like we will be getting a new baby brother come in September!!! WE are really excited for this cute new boy to join our family. Harvey has grown up so much in this last year as well. It makes me sad to think he will be really big someday. He has been so much fun lately and is always making Mark and i laugh.

We are headed up to Utah next weekend for the 4th of July! Mom , Mindy , Zach and Mark are all coming so it should be a good time. I'm excited to be with Grandma Judd and spend some time with my family.

A couple of days after we get back from Kanab, we are headed off to Alaska! I'm so excited to get up there! We are really missing Granddad and Grandma and Uncle Curtis. Harvey is really excited to see Bear. Greg and Colby will be up there with their family at the same time so we will have lots of fun!

Jer and Chelsea are moving to Utah when we get back from Alaska. I am so so sad. I will miss the boys so much! I will miss all of them so much! I hate that our families will have to be so far apart but i know its best from them and their family. We will just have to visit, A LOT!

SO for now im saying Ill try and update every week! We will see how that goes.

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