Saturday, June 27, 2015

Uh...One year later?

So obviously i haven't been very good at keeping up on my blog. No surprise! A lot has happened in that year and I'm sad i didn't keep up with all of our craziness.

Well it looks like we will be getting a new baby brother come in September!!! WE are really excited for this cute new boy to join our family. Harvey has grown up so much in this last year as well. It makes me sad to think he will be really big someday. He has been so much fun lately and is always making Mark and i laugh.

We are headed up to Utah next weekend for the 4th of July! Mom , Mindy , Zach and Mark are all coming so it should be a good time. I'm excited to be with Grandma Judd and spend some time with my family.

A couple of days after we get back from Kanab, we are headed off to Alaska! I'm so excited to get up there! We are really missing Granddad and Grandma and Uncle Curtis. Harvey is really excited to see Bear. Greg and Colby will be up there with their family at the same time so we will have lots of fun!

Jer and Chelsea are moving to Utah when we get back from Alaska. I am so so sad. I will miss the boys so much! I will miss all of them so much! I hate that our families will have to be so far apart but i know its best from them and their family. We will just have to visit, A LOT!

SO for now im saying Ill try and update every week! We will see how that goes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Alaska 2014

Every summer we make the trek up to good ol Alaska. This year was extra special because  it was Harvey's first trip outside of the womb :)  Harvey was really good on most of the plane ride. It was such a relife. i had dreaded that plane ride for weeks and everything turned out to be just fine. It was so nice to see Grandma and Granddad. We miss them when they are gone for the summer. Well the weather was perfect, the air was crisp and clear and we loved being able to spend the days outside without melting. I always love being on vacation because we get to spend time with Mark. He is always so busy with work and we hardly get to see him during the week, so its nice when we get him all to ourselves. While we enjoyed being outside and all we also loved playing in the awesome new Rec room that granddad has worked so hard on. We played so many gave of basket ball and big buck hunter(Marks all time favorite game). We also watched a few movies in the theater. It was such a great time and so relaxing! Mark went out fishing one if the days while Harvey and I stayed at the lodge and hung out with aunt Ashely. I miss being up there. Sometime I wish I could stay up there all summer, its so nice to be away from all the worries of real life and enjoy the beautiful senary. It really is so breath taking. I think its good for me to be up there once in awhile so I can really stop and thank Heavenly Father for the beautiful earth. Until next year Alaska...


Friday, June 20, 2014

So says my iPhone

II am totally falling behind! I told myself I wouldn't do that but of course it happened. Here are some pictures for now! 

Harvey has been climbing  on EVERYTHING lately. I'm sure we will be finding him in scary places soon 

Dad finally blew the pool up for us! We've been enjoying the hot summer days in this tiny thing lately! 

First Popsicle! And of course he loved it and was mad when it was all gone! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Catching up the week...

Thursday we said goodbye to Grandma Carla as she is off to Alaska for the summer. I really really hate when Jim and Carla are gone all summer. I don't know how I'm ever going to move away from the Lindblom Ranch. I have become so close with my mother in law. Not many people can say that they love their in-laws but i honestly do. I always love going over to Carla's to see what new things she working on or just to go visit. It has been a blessing to live so close to them and I'm so thankful that they have let us stay for so long. This will be our third summer here. Its crazy to think that we've been here that long! But hopefully we will be moved into a new house by the end of this summer. We have totally over stayed our welcome and our grown out of our home. Time to move on. Bittersweet really. 

Friday was a pretty normal day. Harvey and I made our weekly trip to target, had some snacks and left with things that we probably didn't need. We came home and then played outside for most of the afternoon. Playing outside is Harvey's favorite thing to do! He always points at the door and and says 'uuh!' He knows how to get his way about it to, his new thing to do is snuggle and then he knows he can get his way. He does it to Mark all the time. It's really cute. He totally has his dad wrapped around his finger. 

Saturday was a pretty lazy day as well. We mostly just hung out at home, then went to lunch with dad and played outside some more. Later that night we dropped Harvey off at Grandmas and Grandpas and Mark and I had a much needed Temple date. It's been an embarrassing amount of time since we have been to the temple. I'm so thankful that we were able to finally go. I absolutely love being in the temple. I love the peace that i feel when i am in that beautiful place. My mind is at rest and i have no worries of the world outside. I feel new and refreshed ever time i leave and feel ready to start over. I love that i get to start over and try to become a better person. 

So with my fresh, new, start, this week, I'm going to try and do a few things better. (I'm writing them here so i can be more accountable.) This week i am going to be kinder to my husband, love him more, and have more patience with him. Also i am going to try and read my scriptures every day this week, say my prayers, and have a more positive attitude. One more thing i want to try and improve on is being  a fun mom. I want Harvey to have a fun mom and a fun, enjoyable childhood.(i'll go into that more in another post.) Tomorrow is a new day and I'm excited for a new week to improve myself and become closer to my Heavenly Father. 



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So says my iPhone

Here's what's been going on with us as of late. All photos are from my phone!

Splash pad with friends! 

Helping mom with dishes 

Driving lessons with dad 

 Trying out the new pack n play 



Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today was pretty normal. Mark got to stay home with us, which is pretty unusual, but so nice. We love when he get a break from work and plays with us all day. We went and checked out a few houses today with Jer and Chels. It was pretty fun, no luck, but we had good company. Finding a house is so frustrating sometimes. We are looking for something a little cheaper so that we can turn around and rent it out eventually. But its hard for me to like the run down houses that Mark loves. He says they have so much potential but i have a hard time seeing pass the ugly floors. Anyway, hoping we can find something soon! 

Later we went out with some friends for dinner. We dropped Harvey off at his favorite baby sitters house (aka Grandma and Grandpas house). He LOVES going there  and always has a good time. He is always laughing and playing when we get back, even though its 3 hours past bed time. 

When we were done with our date and heading back to get Harvey, I told Mark that "this is my favorite part of date night, picking up OUR baby!" I love how, when we walk through the door we are greeted with the cutest smile and squeal! It really makes me happy! On our way home from Grandmas, Harvey had fallen asleep. When we got home i got him out of the car seat and he laid down on my shoulder, completely limp. This is my all time favorite thing! We he is so tired that all he can do is rest his little head on my shoulder. As i sat down to rock him i thought to myself, 'this is MY baby. I have a baby!' Sometimes it seems so unreal to me that i have a child. Someone that I grew! Inside my belly! It really is a miracle and honestly the greatest thing that i have ever done. I'm so grateful that my body was able to create such a perfect little human. I'm so grateful that i was able to experience pregnancy and delivering a child. 

I am so in love with my mini Mark! He has brought me so much joy and love. I will never be able to describe the love that i feel for Harvey. It is so powerful and strong. He makes me so happy. 

Harvey 9 Months

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Harvey Turns ONE

Today is Harvey's first birthday. i really cant believe that it had been a whole year! It has flown by so fast and i wouldn't change it for anything. Our lives have been so much better since our sweet Harvey came to earth. He has truly been the greatest blessing to Mark and I. We always ask ourselves how we got so lucky to have such a wonderful cute little boy. He is so much fun and makes us extremely happy! 

So today was pretty fun. We woke up to a birthday surprise. I decorated with balloons and Harvey had a blast playing with them throughout the day. Then it was party time! We had our families come over and celebrate with us. It was a good time! Harvey got spoiled with gifts and messy with cake. I think its safe to say he had fun! We are so blessed to have such great families who love and support us. I'm so thankful for all who came and all who wanted to be there but weren't able to make it. We still Love them :) 

Harvey, thank you for choosing me to be your mom, and joining our family. I Love you more than word can describe. You light up my life and make my heart so happy! I am so grateful to be your mother and so thankful that i get to watch you grow and become big and strong. You are so sweet and happy all of the time. You are truly my sunshine. I love you so much.