Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today was pretty normal. Mark got to stay home with us, which is pretty unusual, but so nice. We love when he get a break from work and plays with us all day. We went and checked out a few houses today with Jer and Chels. It was pretty fun, no luck, but we had good company. Finding a house is so frustrating sometimes. We are looking for something a little cheaper so that we can turn around and rent it out eventually. But its hard for me to like the run down houses that Mark loves. He says they have so much potential but i have a hard time seeing pass the ugly floors. Anyway, hoping we can find something soon! 

Later we went out with some friends for dinner. We dropped Harvey off at his favorite baby sitters house (aka Grandma and Grandpas house). He LOVES going there  and always has a good time. He is always laughing and playing when we get back, even though its 3 hours past bed time. 

When we were done with our date and heading back to get Harvey, I told Mark that "this is my favorite part of date night, picking up OUR baby!" I love how, when we walk through the door we are greeted with the cutest smile and squeal! It really makes me happy! On our way home from Grandmas, Harvey had fallen asleep. When we got home i got him out of the car seat and he laid down on my shoulder, completely limp. This is my all time favorite thing! We he is so tired that all he can do is rest his little head on my shoulder. As i sat down to rock him i thought to myself, 'this is MY baby. I have a baby!' Sometimes it seems so unreal to me that i have a child. Someone that I grew! Inside my belly! It really is a miracle and honestly the greatest thing that i have ever done. I'm so grateful that my body was able to create such a perfect little human. I'm so grateful that i was able to experience pregnancy and delivering a child. 

I am so in love with my mini Mark! He has brought me so much joy and love. I will never be able to describe the love that i feel for Harvey. It is so powerful and strong. He makes me so happy. 

Harvey 9 Months

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